Online Careers Event – Rendez-vous Carrières-santé

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021  from 5:00PM to 6:00PM
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With representatives from Health and social services agencies from Niagara region

What are Rendez-vous Carrières-Santé Events?

As part of the Welcoming Communities initiative funded by the Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario, the Table interagences du Niagara organized several initiatives, such as the Career Bus Tour 2017 and the Careers in Healthcare community fair in 2019 aimed at connecting students, graduates and health and social service professionals with career opportunities in the Niagara region. If you want to build a career as bilingual professionals or learn more about opportunities to engage with the francophone communities in Niagara, the Rendez-vous Carrières Santé activities are for you!

What will this year’s Online Health Career Event look like?

The Online Careers Event – Rendez-vous Carrières -santé will be hosted by CERF Niagara. The event will include a brief overview of the region, a presentation of the five participating organizations and a panel discussion on employment and internship placement opportunities. Participants are encouraged to ask questions in French or English to learn more about the opportunities in their field of ​​training.

Will the event be in French or in English?

The event will be bilingual. The presentations and the panel discussion will be available in both languages. The facilitator and support team will assist with interpretation during the panel for unilingual participants.

Can I participate if I am not perfectly bilingual?

Absolutely! Participants do not need to be fluently bilingual to participate in the event or to apply for jobs or internship placement opportunities. Various levels of French ability may be required depending on the organization or the job/placement.

Participants who would like to know their level of French are invited to use the self-assessment tool form below to determine their level of comfort in French.

Is this event for me?

These events will target bilingual (English / French) students and professionals seeking internships and jobs in critical areas such as nursing, social work, psychology, medicine, healthcare, PSW and other health and social science programs. Whether you are looking for opportunities now or soon, this event is for you.

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Other information:

  • Events will use the Zoom platform
  • Randow draw will be done among participants
  • Short video presentations of each participating agency will be available on this page during and after the online career events.

Pour les traductions en anglais de la vidéo. Cliquez sur ce lien

For French translations of the video. Click on this link


Participants are invited to visit the websites of participating agencies for more information and to find out about available positions:

CERF Niagara
Animatrice – Suzanne Coutu, Directrice générale/Executive Director

Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara –
Panéliste – France Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Directrice générale
Personne contact: Jeanne Fortilus, Responsable des ressources humaines, Human Resources Manager and

Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region
Sarah Putman, Director of Education, Directrice de l’éducation

Hospice Niagara
Yvonne Nasri, Senior Director, People & Performance, Directrice senior

Brain Injury Community Re-entry (Niagara) Inc.
Annie Davidson, Team Coordinator
Residential Services

Foyer Richelieu Welland
Valerie Chartrand, Directrice des services de support & RH
Director of Support Services & HR



Event organized in partnership with the Table interagence du Niagara ( sous-comité santé) and