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When he was about to attack, he found that Yao Qing could catch his position. In the heart suddenly for a while, immediately a jump, across to hundreds of feet away. At the same time, Yao Qing was sneering again and again, grasping the hilt of the sword with both hands. The huge shadow of the sword cut through the thick clouds, and the sky seemed to crack. The shadow of the sword was filled with powerful virtual power, and the body of the blade was surrounded by colorful fire, which was very strange. Escape? “Joke, how can I leave without killing you?” There are countless immortals on the body, and the skills are not ordinary. If a few pieces burst out, wouldn’t it be a big profit? Qin Tian jumped out hundreds of feet away, suddenly a luck, the body of the dragon and elephant purgatory quietly released, a level of rage, dark magic, dragon and elephant purgatory, three skills superimposed together, the power of the outbreak is earth-shaking. Originally wanted to sneak attack, see be seen through, Qin Tian is not afraid. How powerful is the power of skill superposition? In the face of the huge sword shadow, Qin Tian roared wildly, the power of darkness suddenly shrank, under the impact of the power of the sea of purgatory, suddenly burst out, like a giant pillar, straight into the sky. Yao Qing’s expression changed greatly,Sex Enhancement Powder, his heart trembled, and a trace of fear rose from the bottom of his heart in the face of the huge black pillar rising from the sky. *** you! Give me a big blow. Qin Tian shouted angrily, but his heart was full of pain. “If you consume fifty thousand points of Qigong value, I don’t believe you can’t be killed.” A towering sword, a towering pillar. The sky of the Devil City is turbulent, and the city is even more howling. Many people are running away with their heads in their hands, but more people are smiling again and again. With the mood of watching the play, their strength is not low, but they are not afraid of such a big move. The young Lord is in danger. Somewhere in the corner of the street,Theobromine Powder, a very ordinary old man’s expression suddenly changed, and his seemingly old body burst out with a heavy breath like the sea. The body turned into a virtual shadow and rushed out in an instant. Yao Qing’s face was pale, but his heart was full of anger. The giant sword crushed down, but it was directly blocked by the black giant pillar. His body was constantly consumed by the virtual divine power. It was not the way to go on like this. Qin Tian is the same, the sword shadow comes into the empty divine power to impact constantly, the body’s Qigong consumption is very fast, the spirit is highly concentrated, at this time a little slack may die. Two hundred and thirty thousand points of Qigong left half, and then consume again, I’m afraid we need to slay countless low-level monsters to recover. No way Qin Tian in the heart a drink, “deadlocked down, can not afford to consume.” A read at this point, the heart sank. Purple flame transpiration, instantly condensed out of seven giant swords, purple giant swords suspended in the air, suddenly flew toward Yao Qing. Resistance to three skills superimposed on the black pillar is the limit of Yao Qing, in the face of seven giant swords, fear in the heart, cold sweat straight out, Kava Root Extract ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, completely can not imagine Qin Tian can also release such a powerful move. Go to hell Qin Tian smiled, and seven purple giant swords were inserted directly from seven directions. Rumble.. “Puff!” The blood sword snatched the mouth, Qin Tian flew out upside down, kept rolling in the air, and fell down heavily. “How?” Heart completely do not understand, just seven giant swords are about to be inserted, Yao Qing will die, how can such a huge force burst out? “No, not his breath.” Qin Tian got up from the ground and looked up. There is an old man beside Yao Qing, a super strong man in reincarnation. Whoo, whoo, whoo.. Qin Tian’s internal organs are damaged, at this time no matter so much, from the space ring out of Lu Donghai gift’Peiyuan Dan ‘, immediately take it. Peiyuan Dan is refined from the essence extracted from the crystal nucleus to restore the holy product. Once Dan is taken, the body calms down a little. Kill him for me. Yao Qing collapsed, his whole body was weak, his face was extremely pale, his crotch was wet, and he was almost scared to death, so that he was incontinent and embarrassed. When has the son of the emperor of Liuyun been so insulted? Monstrous anger, how to endure? He immediately ordered the old man around him to kill Qin Tian. Qin Tian does not die, it is difficult to eliminate the heart only hate.
———————— Recommend a good book. Devour the sky, devour the earth, devour greatly, Chapter 141, the shadow of the devil. Strong push, Lao Niu excited, code speed crazy drop, stay up late code out of a chapter, brothers, Lao Niu for all support!!! ———————————————————— “Kill him, right now, right now!” Yao Qing was so angry that he roared out. The old man beside him frowned lightly and said lightly, “Young Lord, it’s not easy to make trouble in the Devil City.” What happened to Castlevania? Can it be compared with Liu Yunzong? As long as my grandfather is happy, the little Castlevania can be destroyed in one move. Yao Kong, I now order you to kill him for me, right now! Urine was scared out, just almost thought he was going to die, that kind of fear is still faintly wrapped around his heart, do not kill Qin Tian, he simply can not swallow this tone. The old man Yao Kong, the first step of reincarnation, the servant of the Yao family, is extremely powerful and meticulous. From the beginning of stepping into Castlevania, he felt that everything in the city was stared at by a pair of eyes. That feeling could not be shaken off. It was very uncomfortable to press on his heart. The castellan has never seen anyone. But the strength of Gan Kun Jing is beyond doubt. Yao Kong was convinced that everything that had just happened must have been known by the Lord of the Demon City, and that there was no way to know why he had not intervened. Looking at Yao Qing’s roar of anger, his heart sank. Looking at Qin Tian in the distance, he said to himself, “This son’s Qigong cultivation is very profound. He is an excellent and gifted disciple of Qigong. If we don’t get rid of it today, I’m afraid it will leave a disaster to Liu Yun Zong.” At this point, Yao Qing’s eyes shrank, the power of reincarnation poured into his whole body, and the earth-shaking breath came out faintly. How powerful is the cultivation of reincarnation? If it really breaks out, I’m afraid the whole Castlevania will be destroyed. Originally holding the people watching the play, their faces turned gray, and they quickly fled out. They were not afraid of the strength of the void,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but they had to avoid the terror of reincarnation. Qin Tian’s expression changed dramatically, and the old gods in his body roared and raged crazily, as if they were running in fear.

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